Thrifty garage sale goodness

I visited my parents recently and we were able to hit a few estate/garage sales. Which then put me in the mood to hit the thrift stores when I got back in town. Everyone just shake their head and sigh. I'll do it too.

Found not here:
Lovely W. German lava glaze vessel. It's by a fairly well-known maker that I can't remember at the moment. They did tons of these in lots of gorgeous colors. Spotted at an estate sale all the way up near the ceiling on a ledge. The little red vase was found here but I don't have a separate picture of it.

 This little deer makes me smile. I was worried his little ears would break off in the suitcase on the way home. But careful wrapping ensured that he arrived safe and sound.
 Found here:
 The bottom of my red vase. It is marked but I haven't been able to find anything similar in pictures on the interwebs.
 This lovely little thingamabob (it serves no purpose that I can discern other than to look pretty) was found thrifting. It is hand-painted with some little cracks running through the glaze which you can see in the last picture.

 These last two will go to my mom. The wee pitcher or creamer matches a pig jug that she has at home. It's commonly referred to as Oaxacan drip ware.
And a little piece of willow for her and her still-life set-ups. Maybe I'll have my tea out of it before I hand it over. It's kind of cute, right?

Any exciting finds out there?

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angelamae said...

Seems as though you're expanding your thrifting repertoire...which is maybe not a good thing. Just sayin ;)