Things I've made

Oh yes, there is more blogging happening. I'm not sure why these days but there it is.

Firstly, can we talk about today being Cesar Chavez Day? I went and saw the movie last night. So good in so many ways. Dolores Huerta was kind of shoved to the side though. And she's a badass. Also, Larry Itliong and the Filipino faction were shoved to the side. They were given some screen time here and there. And while it is a movie about Cesar, it was also a movie about this farm worker movement and there needs to be more said about these folks as they were so vital.

At one scene in the movie Rosario Dawson (playing Dolores Huerta) was wearing an awesome sweater that made my crafty heart go pitter-patter. Apparently it was a real thing. Like seriously, that is so flipping cool. Throughout college I had a UFW flag up on my wall. It was my father's and it has returned to him and probably resides in his man cave.

Go see the movie if you can. I got goose bumps. I got teary. I'm so glad the movie was made.

Now. Things I've made.

More felted hearts and calaveras. I find them soothing to make so I keep doing it. And folks seem to like them.

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angelamae said...

I like the ones with ashes.