Something cheerier

I promised you a little something in that last post. Something pretty, less depressing. And while it may make sense to save this for Wednesday, I'm not going to.

For my birthday I asked my parents for a gift membership to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was partly because I wanted to meet up with a college friend who frequented there with her family. They have had a membership for a few years and it was a nice mid-way point to get together and the kids enjoyed it and there are regular fun activities for them. Well, they don't seem to have a membership anymore. But, I also wanted to spend more time at the gardens. It is a beautiful place and it costs nothing to just go in. Parking, however, is far from free. Cars are $25 and it just goes up from there. Membership includes free parking and a discount at the store, cafe, and special event tickets.

A few weeks back I went to the orchid show. I might have taken a few pictures.

Once upon a time, for a short while, I worked at a flower store. One of my co-workers raised orchids and would bring them in to add to the stock in the store. I have loved them ever since. I love them enough to know that I cannot keep them alive well so I shouldn't bring them home with me. But they are glorious, aren't they? I may give in soon and see if I can manage to bring one home and not kill it immediately.

It is also time to consider the herb garden. I have killed off everything but the rosemary and I miss my kitchen window overflowing with herbal goodness. I should work on that. I trolled the Target garden section yesterday and looked at pots while dreaming of flowers and vegetables.

What are you dreaming of planting or growing this year?


Kim from Kansas said...

So pretty!! Would love to visit sometime!

Although I usually do horrible with indoor plants, am proud to say that my moth orchid from September is still miraculously alive! Looking forward to planting parsley and dill to attract the black swallowtail caterpillers.

Hannita said...

Kim, that's super impressive, both the orchid and the caterpillar dishes. I manage to keep the plants alive and thriving at work. Just not at home.

angelamae said...

Last fall I bought two of the healthiest looking house plants I've ever laid eyes on. They were grown at the pediatric residential psychiatry facility of my hospital. Plant therapy! I almost killed both. So sad. BUT...now they are living again and green and wonderful. And one sad day I bought a Christmas cactus from Trader Joe's that I also thought I killed, but it is sprouting huge pink flowers this week. Amazing. There is always hope :)