It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Lent started yesterday. I rebuffed students who came to see me as I headed to chapel to get my ashes. I am in love with the impartation of ashes. It was not something my family did ever when I was growing up. I get this for the years we were at a Quaker church but not for the years we were elsewhere. Perhaps it has made a resurgence of favor with the idea of new orthodoxy or return to the Church calendar within the Protestant branch? At any rate, ashes. A reminder of our dusty beginnings and endings.

Lent is generally a season of giving up or surrendering of something. The past few years I have chosen a variety of things to lay on the altar. This year I knew one of the things I needed to consider was my make-up buying. It is my latest obsession. A new nailpolish here, a concealer there. I watch "beauty gurus" online for product recommendations and reviews. Many of them do makeup professionally for a living. It makes sense that they have a bazillion lip colors and foundations. It does not make sense for my collection to grow so rapidly.

I think being more aware of self-care is important. My well-being is important. I need to be important enough to myself to spend time at the gym or cooking things that are healthy. I think the make-up/beauty product thing is part of this self-care issue as in wanting to present the best me that I can when I'm out and about. But I need to watch the obsession part of it. I met up with a friend a couple of days ago and we decided to travel to the bowels of Macy's downtown to their food court in search of a hot beverage and had to go through the beauty department. It wasn't the easiest thing to walk through without stopping frequently. So, I'm giving up the make-up/beauty product buying for the season. I'm also trying to go for a less made-up face in general.

I usually read my wisdom of the desert fathers every year for Lent; this is still part of the plan. In fact, I may get the kindle edition so that I have it on my phone. It's great for meditation and reflection.

I will also add something beyond the reading from the above devotional which is to apply for a job each week. I did my first last night so this week is taken care of. I sent the three folks I had approached last fall to serve as references an email with the position description and to give them a heads up that I had used their names. I will, of course, keep them informed about any progress. I know it is doubtful that they will be approached before I do an interview but better safe than have someone call out of the blue. I've had that happen to me with folks for whom I have agreed to serve as a reference and I find it to be not great. At least let me know that you have listed my name somewhere and that a call might be coming my way. Better yet, give me a copy of your resume and a copy of the job description so that I know what the job entails and how your experience/skill set qualify you.

I don't think my current boss knows exactly how unhappy I am with how things are. It may be a lateral move (kind of the point this person made in their response to my informational email) but I think I owe it to myself to get out if I can. Friday I took home a bunch of stuff from my office. Things accumulate after so many years and I need to start paring down the amount of stuff I will need to cart home if I do find another place to work.

Sorry, I know it's been a while since I've written here and this isn't the cheeriest of returns. I can't put this up on FB (some of my work friends and students are connections there) but need to get it out somehow in to the universe. Maybe I can throw some pretty flower pictures up here next to liven it up a little.

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angelamae said...

I love Lent and ashes too. I got to give some in the hospital which was a strange experience. Influenced by some blog post I came across, I attempted to give up fear. That's new. Love you dear. Glad for this post and super proud of you for getting an application out. You rock. Keep up the good work!