Stepping out into the hall

I had a conversation with a friend recently as we were talking about transitions and moving and new things. I mentioned that I had applied for a job recently and then there was talk about open vs closed doors. And I said "but you have to actually step out into the hall to see where the other doors are and make the effort knock in order to figure out if they will open."

It is not often that performance management reviews in which one is praised make one feel awful. This is my state of being currently. Maybe awful is not the right word. Being forced to consider my position and the environment in which I work has made me excessively morose. I have a nice relationship with my direct supervisor. I value my supervisor's opinion and feedback. My supervisor has done a great job of buffering between the incompetent and the competent but cannot excise what needs to be removed. My boss has a boss. During my review I shared my current operating assumptions which include that excellence is not rewarded/incompetence is not penalized, no office support, lack of overall vision and leadership, and being treated poorly by other people I work with because of job titles.

I am fully aware that my boss cannot do much about any of these things. Rock and a hard place and all that.

I have to make the choice to move on, get out, or at least step out into the hallway, find out if there are other doors, and start knocking to find out if any of them might open. 

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