I took some vacation time (so that I wouldn't loose hours like I do every year - clearly I need to travel and vacate more) the last two weeks. In the midst of that was a road trip for my uncle's birthday. It afforded me an opportunity to see the parents (a Colorado trip wasn't going to work this summer), a lot of extended family, and long-time friends.  Melanie and family put me up for a few nights and I stayed a night with a cousin and one with an aunt. I drove 6ish hours to visit my 99 year-old great uncle. I don't think I will make it back for the party in October but wanted to see him.

I recorded the conversation with my uncle and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm going to hell after our discussions on creation and the flood and cross-dressing. No, I just couldn't let those pass without interjecting my thoughts. He told me stories of taking the train to Chicago for the 1933 World's Fair, being given mammoth bones found in a nearby field, and the Oklahoma sod house in which he and his siblings were raised.

Melanie and I smoked a hookah and drank cherry wine and talked about the last five or so years. Her family is brilliant and I loved staying with them. We got to see Kim (and meet her little dude!) and tried to take pictures of the super moon.

Honestly, I love that drive. I think it is beautiful country, hills and fields, neat rows and old farms. It's only when it gets dark and I don't know exactly where I am that I get weary.

Sunday I returned to Meeting. A few folks talked about hearing God's voice. I was reading in Hosea for some reason and was struck by a few verses in chapter 2, particularly v. 14 as it relates to the idea of hearing God. "Therefore, behold, I will allure her/Bring her into the wilderness/And speak kindly to her." Sometimes we have to be re-trained to hear the Spirit talking to us, to recognize it for what it is. Sometimes all of the other noise has to be absented to allow us start hearing again.

In a way, this is what Meeting does for me. The noise and movement of general life can keep me from paying attention. Meeting makes me slow down and re-train my heart to hear.


Kim from Kansas said...

It was great seeing you! The recording of your uncle sounds fascinating!

Melanie-Pearl said...

Here's to a year of hearing, locusts and honey! Love you!