Thrifting Thursday

I keep telling myself that I should stop with the whole "buying books because they're pretty" thing. And yet, I still do it. Here's the latest  bunch that I found. How gorgeous is that purple book? And the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

 My time with the Swedes has rubbed off. I couldn't resist Pippi Longstocking.
 Shortly before the end of the year I needed to use my flex spending account monies so I got some new glasses. The two pairs below and some prescription sunglasses. I do kind of miss my red frames.

But it's always nice to have new glasses.


Introverted Art said...

Love the glasses. I always want to buy old books to work on them, but never feel comfortable modifying books.

angelamae said...

I'm jealous of your new glasses! You always have cute glasses through, so I should expect it.